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bride-802060_640Once upon a time is the usual way every story begins but for a bride this day would be like lasting forever. However there are some do’s and don’ts when the bride goes out to buy a wedding dress. Let us look at the scenario when the bride wants wear a colored wedding dress and does not want to wear the rational white. The options could be any of the following:

The silver wedding dress looks rich and glamorous but also presents a soothing and calm effect. However it is rumored the brides who are feeling uneasy about their big day normally chooses this color.

The grey wedding dress looks somber and it is considered the bride presents a mature look. It has been found that brides who wear grey wedding dress actually do so to suppress their inner feelings.

The bubble type of wedding dress is normally considered for a casual wedding. Here the theme could be pink where even the bridesmaids are also wearing the same color as the bride.

The sun wedding dress is ideal for wearing at a summer venue like a backyard, beach or an outdoor garden. Here the color of the wedding dress could be navy blue, white or taupe.

The don’ts of a wedding dress could be just a few as it is one of the happiest days in the bride’s life and so even the don’ts are accepted.  Always remember the dress at the wedding actually reflects who you are and should also reflect the environment the bride is marrying into. Even a smattering of flowers that the bride wants to wear can be accepted.

Three things that go into buying a wedding dress is color, material and style.

Colors that have always been the favorite of every bride are still white. Lately as trends have changed brighter colors are being worn by brides like light blue, pink and even the champagne color. Some brides also prefer to wear bold colors like red, black and blue.

Material of the wedding dress is given top consideration by the bride. What makes the decision more confusing is that there is a wider array of fabrics to choose from. Some of the fabrics are lace, satin, organza, rayon, taffeta and tulle However a little research is a must before the bride steps out to select her wedding dress.

The style of the wedding dress depends entirely on the shape of the bride An A lined wedding dress would sit very well for them that have a rounder body. The sheath type would suit best for brides who have a figure of eight. Wedding dress can also be designed for those who wish to cover the extra bulge around the tummy, hips and thighs. The ball gown type of wedding dress usually suits most of the body types.

Lastly the cost factor does loom large when buying a wedding dress. It makes sense to start saving for the big day. After all it is a onetime investment and truly for a good cause. That is starting a new life.

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